Taxidata is one of the largest taxi dispatches in Finland. We were the first dispatch center to receive a quality certificate in Finland, already in 2007. All taxis that receive orders from our dispatch are quality trained and are committed to our high quality standards.

Taxi is booked from the number 0210041 in the following cities and towns: Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Rusko, Naantali, Lieto, Paimio, Salo, Halikko and Pori.

From abroad, the taxi can be booked from +358 600 14121

Cost of the call is 1,67 € + telecom operator fees.

Calls are recorded for improving customer service and for complaint handling purposes.

The App

Book-a-Taxi -application is a free app that can be downloaded from phone’s app store. Booking a taxi is free of charge with the app.

More information on the Book-a-Taxi app can be found from


Fee for advance booking: 5,00 €
Bookings need to be made at least 30 minutes in advance.

Initial charge: 3,90€/6,90€ (mon-sat 06-18 / other hours + Bank holidays)

Price per minute: 0,90€

Prices per kilometer:

  • 1-4 persons: 0,99€ / 1,10€ (mon-sat 06-18 / other hours + Bank holidays) (Minimum charge 10,00€)
  • 5-8 persons: 1,45€ /1,59€ (mon-sat 06-18 / other hours + Bank holidays) (Minimum charge 15,00€)

10% VAT is included in all prices above.

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